Endorsements for Gord Wyant

Gord is grateful for the many endorsements and commitments of support he has received from Saskatchewan people. Read more about the people who are supporting Gord on the road to renewal!

June Draude

Founding Saskatchewan Party member
Former provincial cabinet minister and former MLA for Kelvington-Wadena

I know we need a leader who believes in the 8 guiding principles of the Saskatchewan Party. Someone who believes that with hard work and determination, tomorrow can always be better than today. Someone who knows the value of listening. And as I thought about these political dreams, I knew there was only one person who could do the job - Gord Wyant. I have worked alongside Gord for many years. And I believe he offers the leadership we need for the province – its people – and for this party.


The Hon. Lyle Stewart

Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture and MLA for Lumsden-Morse

There are plenty of talented people in our caucus, but I think Gord stands out because of his willingness to listen and his ability to tackle the tough issues head on. He has all the skills and experience to lead our party and our province in the years ahead.


Bob Bjornerud

Founding Saskatchewan Party member
Former Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture and former MLA for Melville-Saltcoats

Gord was my seat mate in the caucus room and I got to know him very well. He's a very sincere, intelligent individual and treats everyone he meets with respect. Gord is a person who isn't bound by ideology. He's very pragmatic and thoughtful and works in the best interests of the province. These qualities and his experience in public service make him best qualified to be leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Premier.


Carol Skelton

Former federal cabinet minister
Former Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar

I'm supporting Gord because he has always been very open and engaging as an MLA. He is concerned about people's worries and always willing to try and solve problems. Gord is strong but kind, considerate and caring when needed. Gord is a leader who understands all levels of government, who will defend our province and its people, and who will stand up for what is right.


Rod Gantefoer

Founding Saskatchewan Party member
Former Saskatchewan Finance Minister and former MLA for Melfort

It is my privilege to endorse Gord Wyant for leader of the Saskatchewan Party. As a founding member of the party, I want to elect a person who will respect the guiding principles of our party and work to ensure they are widely accepted and followed. Gord is that person.

Gord is true gentleman who conducts himself in the highest regard. Our province needs a Premier with those qualities, and who also has experience at all levels of government. Someone who puts the best interests of Saskatchewan people first. Gord Wyant has all of this going for him and much more. I am proud to offer him my support and I encourage others to vote for Gord Wyant as the next leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Premier of Saskatchewan.


Yogi Huyghebaert

Former Saskatchewan Minister of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing
Former MLA for Wood River

Gord has always impressed me with how he handles himself in the Legislature and on his files. I believe he is fair-minded but deliberate; he genuinely wants to hear many perspectives when making decisions. As a Royal Canadian Air Force veteran, I have always appreciated Gord’s commitment to our armed forces. He was very engaged with the establishment of the Highway of Heroes as well as our 'Support Our Troops' license plate initiative which raised thousands of dollars for military families.


Glen Hart

MLA Last Mountain – Touchwood

Gord is the kind of MLA who isn’t married to political doctrine. His first question is always: "Is this the right thing to do?" He is also an extremely hard worker who comes to meetings prepared and ready to listen which shows he has tremendous respect for his job. Some people feel the Saskatchewan Party has gotten away from its core principles. Gord is the only candidate who can appeal to a broad range of voters and give us the best chance to win the next election.


Rob Norris

Former MLA Saskatoon Greystone and former Minister of Advanced Education

I'm endorsing Gord Wyant because he understands that Saskatchewan's strong economy needs to keep growing, thereby ensuring that government can make real investments that help our families and communities. Gord believes in and supports inclusion; he believes that all Saskatchewan children ought to have the opportunity to meet their full potential.

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