Learn More About Gord's Policies and Vision for Saskatchewan

I believe in the guiding principles of the Saskatchewan Party; principles that speak to smaller, more efficient, and compassionate government. I will lead a fiscally responsible, transparent government that champions a low tax, pro-growth, free enterprise alternative to the NDP.

Under a Saskatchewan Party government, our province has enjoyed a decade of growth. As we work together to continue to build Saskatchewan’s future,  I will lead a party and a government that:

  • Capitalizes on the talent of our people
  • Supports a modern economy focused on technology and trade
  • Emphasizes tolerance for all people
  • Commits to openness and transparency

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Federal Provincial Relations

Leading the Nation

Defending the interests of Saskatchewan people and taking our rightful place as a leader in the federation.

Learn more about my priorities for federal-provincial relations.

Mental Health and Addictions

Addressing the Challenge

Making mental health and addictions supports a top priority.

Learn more about my plan to improve the wellness of Saskatchewan people.

Enhancing Your Property Rights

A review of rural land use management

A comprehensive review of legislation pertaining to rural land use management in Saskatchewan.

Learn more about my commitment to enhancing your property rights.

Educating the Citizens of Tomorrow

Educating the Citizens of Tomorrow

Building an inclusive and modern school system.

Learn more more about my vision for an inclusive, flexible, student-focused education system.

Global Transportation Hub

Shining a Bright Light on the Global Transportation Hub

Increased transparency and accountability.

Learn more about my commitment to appoint a public inquiry to examine the establishment of the Global Transportation Hub.

Grassroots Policy Input

Returning to Grassroots Policy Input

A comprehensive review of all Saskatchewan Party policy prior to the 2020 general election.

Learn more about my commitment returning to annual policy conventions.


Building the Innovation Economy of Tomorrow

Linking education to the economy and setting our industries up for success.

Learn more about my plan capitalize on the talents of our people.

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