Wyant Formally Opens Campaign Headquarters; Announces Return to Grassroots Policy Input and Ends Federal Political Affiliation



Today Saskatchewan Party leadership candidate Gord Wyant announced he has canceled his federal Liberal Party membership and has committed to a return to annual policy conventions for the Saskatchewan Party membership.

The first line of the Saskatchewan Party Constitution states that: The Saskatchewan Party is created as a provincial party without ties to any federal party and is to be governed and controlled by its members. 

“Our Party members are free to support whomever they wish on a federal level. Our party’s history illustrates that our founding members and early supporters came from conservative, liberal and reform political backgrounds,” Wyant said. “They represented a broad coalition of like-minded people, united by their belief that Saskatchewan could never realize its true potential under the New Democrats.” 

Wyant believes any leader of the Saskatchewan Party, must be able to work with whomever leads the federal government, in the best interests of the province, and should not be affiliated or associated with any federal political party. 

“As a result, I have written the Liberal Party of Canada and canceled my membership,” Wyant said. “To be clear, my only political allegiance now and going forward is to the Saskatchewan Party.”

At an event to officially open his campaign office, Wyant pledged that under his leadership, he would propose that the Party return to holding annual policy conventions for the membership, including a comprehensive review of all Party policy prior to the 2020 general election.

“I have heard from many long-time members of our Party who are feeling disengaged, or who have not renewed their memberships, because they felt there was no reason to”, Wyant said. “This is a concern.”

“The strength of our Party comes from our members. Without the ideas, the input, and the regular feedback from a strong and diverse membership base, our Party - and consequently, our government - begins to weaken.”

Wyant also committed to ensuring all previous policy resolutions from conventions and regional meetings would be available on the party website in the interest of transparency and accountability to the party membership and to the public.

Wyant filed his nomination papers with the Saskatchewan Party on Monday, September 18th.


To read the letter sent to the Liberal Party of Canada, click here.

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